Working With a Real Estate Professional

Finding the Right Realtor®

How do you select a Realtor® to work with? Chemistry is important, but so are credentials.
Above all, you'll want an experienced Professional who has the resources of a leading real estate firm behind them: EWM—trusted by South Floridians since 1964. Your EWM Associate can also offer you invaluable advice, coach you through the buying process, and save you time. Once you've made your choice, they'll help you make sure you don't lose the home you've got your heart set on by bidding too low, but at the same time, with their knowledge of the area and market trends, make sure you don't over-bid, thus giving you peace of mind.

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When you choose an EWM Associate, their familiarity with how much comparable homes in the area appraised and sold for, and how long they were on the market for can validate a comparative market analysis (CMA) report: an invaluable tool in determining a home's fair market value (FMV). With the experience and expertise of an EWM Associate, as a Buyer, you can have peace of mind before you make an offer that the home is priced fairly and your offer is on target. Plus, your Realtor® understands how your chosen neighborhood fits into the larger picture of area market trends. Interested in what's going on in your chosen neighborhood?

Knowing the Right Selling or Buying Price

Determining the right price to offer is more accurate, faster, and so much easier with the help and expertise of a Real Estate Professional, than pouring through classified ads or searching the internet yourself. Negotiating is a valuable skill that improves with the knowledge experience brings. Your Realtor® can make sure you don't lose the home you've got your heart set on, while making sure you don't over-bid.

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Trust HomeServices Lending, EWM Title, and Complete Insurance Agency to provide all the right resources when buying or seling your home. Your easiest decision might be to use a Realtor® to take care of all the details and see you through all phases of your transaction.

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