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Scenting Your Space As A Form of Self-Expression

Luxury Scenting

It’s All About The Experience For You, And Your Guests.

Our homes, and how we design our interior and exterior living spaces, are a reflection of who we are. It communicates elements of our personality and personal preferences. Do we prefer light and open living spaces, or perhaps warmer and much more unique layouts and rooms? Whatever our choice, there is no doubt that our homes are our hallmark tool of self-expression.

Scenting has always been a popular way of taking your home beyond a collection of spaces into an all-out experience. Luxury candles and diffusers have always been popular favorites, but in recent years, there have been some unique developments in scenting technology that allows you to use your home’s air-conditioning system to deliver even and constant scent throughout your entire residence.

The trend has become so popular that many scenting companies have not only come up with their own unique scent formulas but have also mimicked those found in popular hotels and businesses that some of us simply cannot get enough of. Ever noticed the incredibly luxurious and light scent that greets you when you walk into the lobby of a Ritz-Carlton Hotel? It’s as if relaxation has filled the air and with one deep breath, you can feel your entire being start to release tension. Perhaps you prefer something a little more earthy, yet still luxurious? How about the incredible bamboo-inspired scent from the Mandarin Oriental?

Whatever your scent preference is, there are a wide array of companies that may have a product that fits your unique needs and style preference. Below are some popular scenting companies that offer a wide array of solutions:

If you are considering selling your home, scents can create a powerful impression for potential buyers. This can help ensure that you stay top-of-mind when they are getting ready to make their selection. We encourage you to speak with one of our elite Associates at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and find out what other small adjustments you can make to your home before selling it that can help market it better.

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