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mario RUB

O: 7868771895 M: 7868771895

Fluent in: English

Originally from Lima, Peru, at age eleven, Mario Rub moved to Miami. Initially, Mario moved to Miami in 1974 because of the communism in Peru which was similar to that of Cuba with the expropriations and nationalization of everything.
Mario enjoyed soccer, windsurfing, tennis and bicycle riding (MS150) in his youth. He also excelled in science and math. He finished his middle and high school education in North Miami Beach.
Thereafter, he attended Boston University where he obtained his B.A. Returning to his native Peru, Mario attended medical school at the University of San Marcos in Lima. In 1992 he started his residency at Miami Children’s Hospital for Pediatrics for three years. He relocated to Pennsylvania where he concentrated on his specialty at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for three years Pediatric Pulmonary Subspecialty Fellowship.
His family has been in the medical field (mainly pediatrics) for over 50 years and resided in Miami-Dade County for over 45 years.
After working as a pediatric pulmonologist for many years, Mario decided to obtain his Real Estate license. “Many of my family members had their interests in Real Estate. I worked with Sid Koslovsky at Koslovsky Realty after getting my license 2 years ago and learned a great deal from him and his interpersonal skills as well as a great real estate broker.”
Some may wonder how Mario developed an interest in Real Estate. “I had always been fascinated with Real Estate and its various aspects. My grandmother owned buildings in Peru. I helped her manage them and was intrigued watching her buy and develop land.”
Mario’s best investment was his second home that he sold for three times what he paid for it. He loves the challenge of obtaining the best deals for his clients and enjoys how happy they are with their properties.
Mario believes that one should always do his best without expecting anything in return. Whether there is a successful outcome or not, there will be new and better ventures to come.
“Actions speak louder than words. I don’t know who said it first by my dad had it on his desk all his professional life. Maya Angelou stated that people will forget what you said or what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel. I may not always make a great first impression, but I strive to make an everlasting impression!”
If you ask Mario what he brings to the Real Estate table, he will tell you:
• His integrity
• His compassion
• His passion and love for the area he serves
• His inquisitive spirit
• His desire to learn and become very knowledgeable on the subject
• His striving to improve the relationship between client and agent and
• His endeavor to have a positive impact on the client and the profession.
Mario is a learned individual who is a quick study and knows when to delegate tasks and work as a team so that he can stay on top of the market. He enjoys analyzing market trends through graphs and charts as well as how our economy impacts the Real Estate market and vice versa.
By nature, he enjoys interacting with people, negotiations and both parties walking away feeling like they received a fair deal.

He knows how to follow up, follow through and completion which leaves a lasting impression of how he operates his business.
Mario’s has a passion and supports the following charities:
• Peruvian American Medical Society PAMS Endowment Fund
• St. Jude’s Cancer Center
• Hillel
• Greater Miami Jewish Federation
• American Academy of Pediatrics and American Thoracic Society
In Mario’s spare time, you may find him involved in his hobbies which include crosswords, painting and tennis. He is a Latin American art collector. He also enjoys French movies, foreign film and American movies. Mario loves his family and enjoys watching them grow, be healthy and prosper!

mario RUB
Office: 7868771895
Mobile: 7868771895
2750 NE 185 Street, Suite 101
Aventura FL 33180

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