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    The S-TEAM, Driven By YOU!

    Selling your house can never be business as usual. That’s for the unimaginative. You hardly want your house buried in a sea of “for sale.” That’s just one reason you reject tired jargon and cookie-cutter presentations.

    Powered by decades of real estate, sales, marketing, photography, art, writing, media and public relations expertise, the S-Team is armed with the acumen, creativity and prowess to have your house showing like it should—in its most favorable that gets it sold!

    The S-Team draws on years of combined experience, using an eye for exacting details and creativity, to show off your house. While others rely on phone cameras and recycled descriptions, for example, we use professional cameras, (the latest drones included). Pair that with original, tailored content and you can be ensured your house, regardless of your asking price, is show ready, attracting attention AND buyers.


    Fluent in English, Spanish & French, we are the S-Team, and like you, we far prefer unabashed perfectionism, the ingenious, the captivating. And that’s not to say we ignore the tried-and-true basics. We simply choose to pile on the extras—using our expertise in art, journalism, videography, photography and public relations to showcase you.

    And, steeped in acuity, creativity and empathy, the S-Team is satisfied only when each client feels like the ONLY client. No wonder. Marry an artist with a passion for real estate, history and architecture to a writer whose love of prose is eclipsed only by a fascination with humanity, and the offspring is bound to enthrall.

    Simply, the S-Team is obsessed with excellence. And, just as we are intrigued by the history of this city, we are fascinated with its cultural engine.


    We are never truly at home unless we’re learning: New trends, new languages, new landscapes. It’s an obsession that has fueled a love for and of cultures. Whether it’s the villages of Colombia or Africa, or the beckon of metropoles, we immerse to emerge more in touch, more culturally enriched, more sensitized.

    As immigrants ourselves, we remain attuned to the nuances of navigating life in an adopted country. From adjusting to disparate mores to learning a new language, it can all instill dread. We are fluent in the ways of the world, and in several of its languages, including English, French and Spanish. Communicating is one less thing you have to worry about.

    We look forward to discovering what drives you!

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    Jerome and Julie Soimaud
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