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    The S-TEAM, Driven By YOU!

    You might already know but it bears repeating: A whopping 93% of real estate transactions can trace their roots to the internet. We know it can be engulfing just trying to digest what it all means to clear the online clutter so you can shine in a market rooted in today’s language.

    To rise above the internet noise, you can ill-afford to be just another bore wading through the clutter of sameness. That’s for the unimaginative. We are imagination personified, and like you, we wholeheartedly reject tired jargon and cookie-cutter presentations because we believe in you standing out.

    You’re perfectly at home with the S Team. As founders of TheBiscayneBayDirectory®.com, we are teeming with in-depth knowledge, adaptability and sensitivities to help you navigate the Miami real estate maze. Powered by decades of international real estate, sales, marketing, photography, art, writing, media and public relations expertise, the S Team is armed with the acumen, creativity and prowess to have your house showing like it should—in its most favorable that gets it sold!

    Because most real estate transactions now begin online, we create and curate a website, dedicated solely to your house—until it sells. From professional high-resolution photos to videos to descriptions, your house will have its own dedicated online presence, telling its own story and allowing for easy sharing, not just across social media platforms but across the globe.

    And as immigrants with a combined 35+ years in South Florida, we remain attuned to the nuances of navigating life in an adopted country. From adjusting to disparate mores to learning a new language, it can all instill dread. We are fluent in the ways of the world, and in several of its languages, including English, French and Spanish. We know the Miami landscape just as we speak the language buyers do.

    Discover the S Team Signature:

    • Breadth & Depth Of Market Knowledge
    • Client Advocacy Driven By YOUR Needs
    • Inventive Marketing Strategies Rooted In Today's Technology
    • Three Decades Of Real Estate Market Experience
    • Envied Skillset To Have Your House Showing Like It Should
    • The Art Of Negotiation
    • Solid Foundation

    Let us help you soar above the internet noise. Call, email, or visit, we’re closer than you think!

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