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    Barbara Sylvia Paniagua

    O: 305.937.7813

    Fluent In: English, Spanish

    Born November 24th on a cold and snowy night in New Britain, Connecticut from Cuban immigrant parents. Of course you know that my parents had no right being in Connecticut back in the late 50’s. You see my father did not agree with the Batista regime that dictated Cuba at that time, therefore my bold parents decided to do a Mary & Joseph pilgrimage out of Cuba to the Promised Land and so the story goes…

    I was born and raised here in the United States; actually I graduated high school from Miami Springs High. What a hoot we thought we were high class but truth be known we were actually Cubans from Hialeah. If you know anything about Dade County you know that Hialeah had and still has one of the largest concentrations of Cuban exiles in Dade. Everybody spoke Spanish, and to this day my mother still only speaks Spanish County

    I grew up during the disco era, wore platform shoes, and danced my way through college and an AA in Fashion Design. A lot of good that did me, I ended up following my fathers footsteps and entered the automotive business selling cars and eventually becoming a finance manager at Braman Cadillac. Those were the days; glam, sparkle & shine… Then came the marriage and 10 years in California.

    So now I'm back.

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    Barbara Sylvia Paniagua
    Office: 305.937.7813
    Miami Beach
    419 W 41 Street
    Miami Beach, FL 33140
    Phone: 305.937.7813
    Fax: 305.960.5258

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