The Buyer and their lender are entitled to choose the Closing Agent/Title Company, however, the Seller can make a suggestion if the Buyer is undecided. Peace of mind that your closing will go smoothly is what EWM Title is all about. Here are some basic Closing Guidelines.


Many people may attend the closing:  The Seller, the EWM Realtor®, the Buyer and a cooperating real estate Agent, and an Escrow Agent (Closer) from the Title Company.  The Buyer is entitled to choose the Closing Agent/Title Company.


Don't forget to bring the following items with you to your Closing:


  • Photo ID (plus 1 other form of identification) or appropriate documentation for all signatories (passport, driver's license or State ID card)
  • Buyer's copy of the Sales Contract
  • Proof of purchase of insurance for fire, casualty, etc., if applicable
  • Binder for Homeowner's Insurance and paid receipt
  • Any additional documentation that your Loan Officer has asked you to supply at closing


  • If more than one Owner/Seller is named on your Warranty Deed, all owners must attend and bring ID
  • Photo ID (plus 1 other form of identification) or appropriate documentation for all signatories (passport, driver's license or State ID card)
  • Seller's copy of the Sales Contract
  • Any unrecorded instruments that affect the title
  • Your Home Warranty Information/Policy, if applicable
  • Copy of repair bills (paid/unpaid), if applicable
  • Proof of satisfaction of any mechanic's liens, mortgages, judgments, or mortgages that were paid prior to the Closing
  • Invoices for any unpaid taxes, assessments
  • Cashier's Check for any unpaid potion of prorated HOA special assessments, fines, rent payments, or maintenance fees, up to the closing date.
  • Any items you wish to pass on to the Buyer such as: association payment coupons, warranties, etc.
  • Keys and garage door opener(s)


Nine out of ten contracts provide for a closing date on the 15th or 30th. Why not ask to schedule the closing on some other day, such as the 7th or the 13th—on a date when lending institutions and title companies are not swamped with a million other closings?  Also, it’s a good idea to schedule a closing early in the day in case something needs to be done during banking hours when a later closing might cause a delay until the next day because banks have closed.

During the closing, the Buyer and Seller will review and sign all of the relevant closing papers. Then, after the Buyer provides a cashier or certified check for the down payment and closing costs, you pass the keys to the new owner, and the net proceeds of the sale are the Seller's.

Dedicated to making your closing smooth and successful, EWM Title takes the worry out of the situation. Close on time with ease, knowing your title is clear and your ownership safe and secure. You can count on the peace of mind that comes from dealing with reputable, knowledgeable, dedicated professionals. EWM Title has been in business since 1962.


Unless specified otherwise in writing in the Contract, closings must take place in the county where the property is located, usually at the Title Company’s office.