Permit Search

This list has been made available to assist buyers and sellers in determining if there are open, cancelled, or expired permits on a property. All of the information needed to complete your search may not be available on this site alone, and you may need to call or visit the Building and Zoning Department in your municipality.

By clicking below on the city or municipality your property is located in, you will be led directly to public information made available by the city/county web sites. In most cases, the link connects to the information you seek. On some sites you have to click several times to get to the appropriate page (because of the way their site was designed, the link does not change when you click and go in several levels, therefore it was impossible to be linked directly to the right page). On a few, the link takes you back to the County site because that town or city does not have its own Building and Zoning Department, or does not handle its own permits.