Home Inspection and Insurance

"Beauty is only skin deep" is especially true for houses. A fresh coat of paint or new carpeting may disguise serious flaws. That's why you want to make sure a professional inspects your new home. And to protect your most valuable investment, be sure to have homeowner's insurance.

Homeowner's Insurance

Your home, typically, is the single biggest investment you'll ever make, and by protecting it with homeowner's insurance you'll have financial protection against the unexpected. Aside from protecting your home and your possessions, homeowner's insurance provides you with liability coverage.

Home Inspections

A professional home inspector surveys the foundation and structure, roof, exterior, and major systems (electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing), as well as appliances that will stay with the home.

Tour the house with the inspector who will point out potential trouble areas, as well as what's 'sound. If the inspection does turn up some flaws, sellers are often willing to make repairs, but it may depend on pyro conditions.

Take notes as you tour. Get the inspection report in writing. This document will support or deny the contingency addendum to your agreement.

You can add a home inspection contingency to your purchase agreement. This requires the seller to make legitimate repairs, or if the seller is unwilling to do so, it allows you to cancel your agreement to purchase.

An inspection may take a few hours and cost a few hundred dollars, but it can save you time and headaches in the long run. Your Realtor® can recommend a professional inspector.