About EWM

EWM…The Smarter Way

At EWM, we firmly believe that “It’s Nice to Be Known By the Company You Keep.” Being a part of EWM means being a part of the best of the best. As a HomeServices of America Company, a Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate, you have the backing of one of the largest residential real estate organizations in the nation and the strength of a Warren Buffet company.

To create this exceptional real estate services experience with your clients you not only need a reputable company but the backing of a full service real estate company. You need EWM Realty International. In addition to being the leading real estate company in South Florida, EWM also provides you and your clients convenient access to a full portfolio of real estate services, all under one roof, through HomeServices Lending, Columbia Title of Florida, Inc., together with Complete Insurance Agency.

The bottom line is that EWM Realty International is the best way to sell real estate. How? We focus on an experience only available at EWM, which helps you:


By joining EWM Realty International, you not only have access to our world-class programs, training, support and real estate services, but you also have the backing of a company with over 48 years experience.

What does all this mean? That EWM offers every service you need for your career. Take the next step and join us to learn the smarter way to sell real estate.

Please contact us at 305-960-2563 or by email today to see how you can get started with EWM.

*Please know that ALL inquiries are completely confidential, meaning you can safely look into a career at EWM without concerns.