Las Olas

Looking at this bustling area, one would never believe that the major thoroughfare of Las Olas Boulevard once held humble beginnings as a simple dirt road. Constructed in 1917, the Boulevard was the first road to provide access to Fort Lauderdale Beach which at the time was only accessible by boat. The dirt road that primarily granted access to the beach was very fittingly named Las Olas, which when translated from Spanish to English means The Waves.

Recognized by many as the Rodeo Drive of Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Boulevard has plenty evidence to support that claim. Las Olas has it all, from bustling bars and nightclubs to darling boutiques to trendy art galleries to an assortment of fine restaurants and hotels. Not only do shops, bars and hotels populate the notable Boulevard, but exquisite residential neighborhoods add to the allure of Las Olas as well.

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