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Investing in Miami Real Estate – Where do you start?

People Want to Buy Miami Real Estate, They Just Don’t Know What to Buy


Since the beginning of 2017 I have not sit still with many investors and buyers calling me about the status of the Miami real estate market and the question where best to invest in Miami.

Miami is still a hot market where everyone wants to be, but the most urgent question now is:  “Where in Miami can I best invest”?


How the David Siddons Group adds value to sellers and buyers (Part 1)

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How the David Siddons Group adds value to sellers and buyers (Part 2)

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This question gets even more complicated when investors are not based in Miami. They have heard of Coconut Grove, Sunny Isles and Miami Beach but they have no idea of the exact status of the market as mainstream media normally focusses on Miami as an entire market without making any distinction between the different submarkets.



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