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Green Living Tip:Mythic Paint Store in N.Miami Beach, Fl Is Exclusive Seller of Non-Toxic Paint

Did you ever want to paint the interior of your home and was concerned about sleeping in your newly painted bedroom the same night?

Did you ever detect the smell of paint in your house months or even years after it was painted?

Did you ever wonder if the fresh smell of regular latex paint may negatively affect your baby’s health, or someone who was pregnant, or bother your allergies or even your pets?

Well I did.

Green Wall PaintWhile I admit I’m not so up-to-date on a lot of the new eco-friendly products that are on the market, I recently learned about the long-term value and virtues of using genuine green friendly paint.  

There is a new environmentally friendly paint store that recently opened on 163rd Street in North Miami Beach, Florida that is worth considering when you are shopping for interior or exterior paint for your home or business.

Mythic Paint Store, opened January 2008, only sells zero-toxin, zero-carcinogen and zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paints.  This ultra-low odor paint is designed to protect your safety and health by offering a line that is solvent free including the use of 100% non toxic colorants, which are added at the point of purchase, and comes in over 1200 colors.

Mythic Paint Cans

Eco-friendly paints have been on the market for a decade, but performance reviews in the past weren’t always good.  Some of the newer paints are giving better results.  For added confidence, all Mythic paints come with a performance guarantee. Mythic claims that there are no hazardous materials present and the impact on health and indoor air quality is considered minimal. It states that it is safe for people, pets and the earth.

Rocky Prior, the creator of the Mythic Paint line, and owner of Southern Diversified Products, is a chemist who has been in the paint business for 20 years.  He steers clear of “greenwashing” or making a product appear eco-friendly when it isn’t.  “Some manufacturers simply mask the odor with odor masking agents.” He suggests the consumer read the ingredients on the paint can and learn the lingo.  You don’t want to see on the label polyvinyl acetate, mineral spirits, acetone, petrochemicals or formaldehyde.  It should also be certified by Green Seal or Greenguard, an industry-independent third-party testing organization.  Mythic Paint has 10 to 30 times the durability required as certified by Green Seal GS-11 certification.

Natural Paint

So why do we want to use eco-friendly green paint and stay away from the toxic-ridden traditional latex paint of the past?  Because VOCs are the solvents released into the air as the paint dries, producing the new paint smell.  Health and environmental experts warn that these vapors or “off-gassing” harms the ozone layer and can cause watering eyes, headaches, dizziness and other symptoms.  Young children, the elderly and those with asthma are particularly susceptible.  The Environmental Protection Agency says some of these chemicals contain known or suspected carcinogens. 


“Our paint is different, says Mythic’s creator, Prior, because we were a new paint company that started from ground zero building our formula without any VOCs. We started with a blank piece of paper. Remember the houses of years ago were not air tight; today they are virtually sealed, leaving people and pets to breathe VOCs for five years or more.”

Mythic Paints offer a complete line of safe, superior performance paints with a 1,232 color palette for interior and exterior finishes.



Mythic Paint Store

1671 NE 163 Street, Suite A

North Miami Beach, FL  33162

Telephone: 305-949-9344

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