Eldorado Towers-Restoration Project Going Well

Eldorado Towers located at 3625-3675 North Country Club Drive in Aventura, Florida is undergoing a major restoration of their balconies and remodeling of the interior hallways.  When completed, these buildings will have a 21st Century face lift, as well as, upgrading the exterior to today’s hurricane codes and fashionably redesigned corridors.

After nearly eleven months of steady, hard work, all of the construction phases of this multi-million dollar project are on schedule and following the master plan.

When the project began in January 2008, National Concrete Preservation (www.nationalconcrete.net) was hired as the major contractor for the demolition and construction of the new balconies, Exclusive Construction Group (www.exclusivecg.com) was hired as the interior contractor for renovation of the buildings’ hallways, Spec Engineering (www.specengineering.net) came on board for their structural engineering expertise in concrete restoration, Morris Design Group USA (www.morrisdesigngroup.com) was brought on as interior design specialists, and subsequently, Gold Coast was hired as Project Manager.

Eldorado Towers’ Board of Directors and the construction/design company owners have been working tirelessly together to successfully bring this job in on time.  The timely coordination and management of this large-scale project is an earnest reflection of all the key players involved.

It is worth mentioning that the every day performance of the working crews and key players of National, Exclusive, Morris Design, Spec Engineering and Gold Coast have been exemplary according to members of the Board of Directors, and have received kudos from numerous unit owners.

From the start, National Concrete Preservation has provided additional materials and services that most other companies do not.  During the demolition phase, they covered each balcony with a sheath of mesh netting, which added protection from wind and flying debris.  They also built an overhead scaffold through a busy walkway for added protection.  This was something local spectators hadn’t seen before.  Next, when Hurricane Faye and Ike threatened our area, National mobilized a clean up crew and worked throughout the weekend to dismantle scaffolding and wooden planks that would not withstand high winds.  Then they boarded up individual balconies and windows with plywood for those homeowners whose hurricane shutters had been taken down.  When the storms passed, they dismantled the unit owner’s wooden boards and offered to put them back up if another hurricane arrived.  Lastly, the crew has maintained a level of cleanliness and organization that homeowners have taken notice of.

Exclusive Construction Group has also provided some additional perks, as well.  After tearing down the original hallway walls and putting up new plaster board, they decided to give the new walls a coat of primer prior to hanging the new wallpaper, which was at no additional charge.  Throughout the project, the crew has performed efficiently, politely and cleaned up after themselves readily when their work is completed.

Morris Design Group USA maintains responsibility for the complete design plan, production and installation of materials, and has consulted closely with the Board, the project manager, and Eldorado’s design committee throughout the project.  The advantage to Eldorado in having the personal expertise of Brian Morris on board is in his ability to draw upon his successful long term career designing high-end luxury buildings and adapting a stylish design plan to fit Eldorado’s more modest budget.  From the walls to the floors to the accessories chosen, the pieces reflect a contemporary design scheme.

The project engineer for Spec Engineering is noted for performing a job well done, as well as, keeping a close eye out for Eldorado’s welfare.

Gold Coast’s Project Manager, Brooke Corbett, has earned a reputable name for herself amongst the key players and unit owners alike for her top performance.  She is good at what she does, and is well liked by everyone.  Lenny Loscalzo backs her up, as needed.

If all continues to go as planned, the expected completion date will be the middle of next summer, 2009.  Building restoration projects of this size generally take over 2 years to complete.  At the rate the Eldorado is going, the project may be completed in only one year and 6 months!

As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

For photographs of Eldorado Towers’ balcony restoration and hallway remodeling project, click on Photo Gallery-Eldorado Towers’ Restoration Project.

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