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Caution: South Florida Drivers, Right Turns on Red Lights Can Be Tricky!

If you are new to South Florida, or perhaps you are a snowbird returning for the season, or you are a resident who just hasn’t kept up with some of the local road and traffic changes going on lately, please read further.

As of July 1, 2010, several local municipalities have installed traffic cameras at key intersections and are issuing whopping traffic tickets of $158 per infraction if you make a right turn on a red light without first coming to a complete stop before you turn right.  So if the car infront of you is slowly rolling through the red light as he turns right–don’t follow him, because both of you will end up with a traffic ticket.  And, if the car behind you hunks his horn when you are in the turning lane and come to a complete stop, just remind yourself that he isn’t informed well enough to know there are rule changes in some local towns.

photo-enforced-signLocal drivers have found out the hard way about these recent changes to the rules of the road. Many of us ended up receiving traffic tickets in the mail 2-3-4- weeks later which come with instructions on how to go online and see a video of your car as it moved in to and out of the intersection while taking a snapshot of your license plate.

Needless to say, it is the owner of the car that is getting the traffic ticket, not the driver at the time.  So, if you happen to lend your car to a relative or friend, beware you will end up with the ticket if they incur a road violation.

right turn sign

In order to find out where there are photo enforced intersections in your local municipality, city or state, please click on the link below :

I’ve also included an interesting article “Caught On Camera” that appeared in the Miami Herald that is well-worth reading.

Drivers Beware!!


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