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Rebecca began to frequent South Florida as much as her schedule would allow beginning in 2000, taking refuge in her apartment on the New River from the smog and hectic pace of her Television and Film career in Los Angeles.   When her husband, Wil Shriner, was given the green light on his feature film HOOT, they moved to the Fort Lauderdale 7 Isles for the summer of 2005.  Fortunately, Rebecca was on an extended hiatus from shooting and was able to stay for the entire duration of the shoot and experience life as a full time Floridian.  She was hooked!!   They returned home, sold the house in LA (at the top of the market) and quickly settled in Harbor Beach.  It was then that Rebecca decided to make Real Estate her career instead of a hobby.  She can finally say she loves her work!

Backgrounds facts:  Rebecca is a 25 year standing member of the Directors Guild of America.   While most of her career in the film industry was based in Los Angeles, she worked on three major motion pictures in South Florida; Rock of Ages, Jack and Jill and Marley and Me.  While primarily an Assistant Director, Rebecca also directed the TV shows "Dinner and a Movie" for three years and the sit-com "What I Like About You".  Her first job in the DGA was on a show called "Full House".  She attended the University of Southern California, graduating with a BFA, Drama, TV, Film & Cinematography.   She spends her summers visiting family in Connecticut and in her Canada lake house where she has recently completed refinishing her 18 foot Peterborough Fisherman, and currently working on a 16 footer!   She loves tennis, boating, golf, and to travel when time permits.

Originally hailing from Philadelphia, with a Real Estate Attorney for a father and Realtor Mother, Rebecca grew up with a love and deep appreciation of real estate and historic homes.  It was only a matter of time before she left the humdrum life of TV and Film and gravitated to the fast paced, ever-changing, fascinating world of Real Estate.