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Patricia Ambrose,P.A.

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There are so many different living experiences to be had in Miami; condo, waterfront, family neighborhoods, etc. It's impossible to be an expert in all. So, very early on in my career, I decided to concentrate on just one. The media calls it "Deep South Dade". I call it home.

It has been my pleasure to be a resident of The Redland for nearly 40 years and have been selling real estate there for the past 35. For those of you who have not yet discovered it, The Redland is an agricultural community south of Miami, full of farms, groves, horse ranches and everything from weekend retreats to multi-million dollar estates. It's the place we raised our children and if we had a choice would do it all over again.

Over the years, I have become an expert in this rural community and am often called on by appraisers asking my assistance to put a value on properties they are appraising.

My expertise also includes agricultural land within The Redland plus commercial land and properties in the Homestead-Florida City area. I have sold hundreds of acres over the years and have had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest land holders and developers in the state.

Homestead and Florida City have certain areas set aside for commercial and industrial growth that fall within the parameters of inclusion into the Enterprise, Empowerment and Free Trade Zones. The financial benefits to corporations that are located in these designated areas are significant. I'm very familiar with all of the programs, so feel free to call me if you are considering moving your company to South Dade. I'll give you an overview of the community and programs then put you in front of the right people to get the specifics.

I'm very proud of the reputation that I enjoy as being an expert in the South Dade area. If you want to know the "ins and outs" just call this "Hometown Girl" at