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Nivine Rophael

Coral Gables-South Miami Office
305-960-2400 Office
305-333-6632 Cell

Nivine comes from a multicultural environment. She was born in a Christian Lebanese family that values good education above all. She lived in Lebanon, Jamaica and recently moved to the United States, and she made of each of these countries a home for her and her family. 

Nivine speaks four languages fluently: English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Not only she is multi-lingual, her education and set of skills is multi-faceted and very rich: Nivine graduated as an engineer from the renowned Jesuit college of Engineering (ESIB) in Beirut and she owns a Master in Telecoms engineering. She worked in that sector for 6 years until she had her first  and second child and decided to dedicate  some time to them. Now that they are off to school everyday, Nivine is eager to return to professional life. 

While at home, Nivine wasn't idle, she studied art in many of its forms with Irish and Jamaican painters, and she painted on canvas and cardboard. She also painted on faces as she developed a special interest in make-up and studied this form of art under a famous Lebanese make-up artist. As if that was not enough, Nivine's always-eager-to-learn state of mind took her deep into Yoga and this year,  she graduated as a  yoga teacher in the Hatha school of Yoga and teaches currently at Prana in the Gables.

Maybe the artist in Nivine is the brightest facet of her personality, but the "people's aspect" is what keeps her going.  Nivine is a social being to the core and her happiness comes from being around people. Sensitive and true to the end, Nivine values honesty and straightforwardness in the relations above all else. Along her journey, she made a lot of friends, true friends, from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Difference to her is a welcomed challenge and a source of motivation.  So when a friend of hers  introduced her to the world of Real Estate,   that piqued her interest right away. 

Nivine took a complete comprehensive training in real estate marketing, law and CMA as well as different listing tools to accurately price and advertise your property and also allows her to understand the requirements and easily find you what your are looking for. Nivine enjoys putting the deal together and will assist you step by step through the process of filling the appropriate forms and she relies on the latest technology which allow her a quick and efficient response, paperless user-friendly documentation with no time lost.
Nivine finds Real Estate a great opportunity  to meet new people and use her existing network of people in order to serve. This, combined with her solid education, her good taste and her multi-country "home" makes her the ideal person to find you a home.