Johnson Vernelus

Las Olas Office
954.306.7400 Office
321-310-3809 Cell

Fluent in:
  • Creole
  • English
  • French

Johnson Vernelus is a Master Real Estate Agent who grew up in the heart of the city of Orlando. He faced many challenges in his adolescent life, he lived by the motto “Go big, or go home,” to live life to the fullest, escaping ordinary to become legendary. Upon completing his high school curriculum and entering college to pursue his bachelors degree in business and finance, Johnson’s love for his community and fellow peers grew. He obtained a fulltime position doing ministry work as Co-pastor of the Keeping It Real Help Ministry during the course of his studies. It was here where he personally established and held leadership development seminars for the neighborhood youth. It was only after he embarked upon his journey into ministry, helping individuals to find their spiritual home did he begin to pursue a career in real estate, helping individuals to find their dream home. Through his long journey of beating the odds and overcoming the outcomes, Johnson learned to believe that everything is possible, even the impossible.