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For the past 16 years as a Florida Realtor® servicing the East Fort Lauderdale, I have experienced the height of the South Florida real estate market and I have survived through its wrath of late which made me a better professional, humble to the profession and more respectful to customers. My specialty is selling luxury properties. I excel in matching buyers and sellers, or vice-versa, in the art of successful negotiations to successful closings.

It’s not my knowledge of real estate that counts, it’s how I apply that knowledge effectively for my customers that matters.

A job is defined as an activity, such as a trade or a profession, which someone performs regularly and routinely for monetary compensation. A hobby is an activity that someone indulges in passionately, simply for the sheer love of it.   I've combined the two:  I have a profession that I treat like a hobby with passion and dedication.  Being a real estate agent isn’t just about the financial rewards, it’s about yearning that hobbying passion much like "If you build it, they will come". (Field of Dreams, the movie.)

John Bourassa, Realtor®

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Specialties: Luxury residences in the Greater Fort Lauderdale Beaches area.