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My name is Evyn Zosia and I am much more than The Tattooed Realtor, I am here for you. Always. I got into Real Estate to grow my network and to give myself the position, and ability, to provide more funding for my Non-Profit I AM ADAPTIVE. My goal is to provide the best experience and most positively performed information outreach system for you to be able to feel confident as a home buyer, seller or renter.

You are seeking out information for big life decisions, decisions I was born to help guide you in so that you always have a place to call home. I may not always be orthodox or have the most standard of business practices, but that is why you are here. You are tired of the every day and are seeking out something to call your own. Don't be afraid to live this life the way you want because I always will!

Please visit TheTattooedRealtor.wordpress.com for more information on your next life investment.

  • Evyn Zosia, The Tattooed Realtor

*Evyn is also a Graphic Designer, 3D Animator, Business Developer, Social Media Marketer, Networking Consultant, Branding Agent, Professional Chef, Photographer, Writer and Artist who loves Farmers Markets and helping others, including animals, in need.